Label Removal Machine,The key components visible are a powerful rotating blue drum or rotor covered in protruding blades or teeth, which shreds and tears apart plastic items fed into it. The shredded plastic pieces then fall into a yellow collection hopper or bin. There is also a conveyor system pulling in compacted bales or bundles of plastic films and other mixed plastic waste to be shredded.


The journey of recycling plastic bottles has always been marred by the challenge of label removal. Enter the Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machine, an essential tool in the PET bottle recycling process. This advanced machine efficiently removes over 95% of labels from plastic bottles, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient recycling process.

Working Principle

At the heart of the Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machine are sharp, robust alloy knives. These knives, designed with a unique jagged edge, meticulously cut and peel labels off the bottles. Welded onto a rapidly rotating spindle, these knives are positioned at specific angles to push the bottles forward, ensuring optimal label removal. As the labels are detached, they are blown into a dedicated collection chute.

For those seeking an even cleaner result, there’s the wet version of the machine. Instead of merely blowing the labels away, this variant uses water to spray away the labels, offering an added layer of cleaning.

Technical Specifications

  • Efficiency: Removes over 95% of labels from plastic bottles.
  • Knife Material: Tough alloy, designed for durability and precision.
  • Operation: Fast rotating spindle with specially angled knives for efficient label removal.
  • Maintenance: The machine’s knives can be easily removed, sharpened, and replaced, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

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Label Removal Machine-02

Label Removal Machine-03


The Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machine is a testament to the advancements in recycling technology. By efficiently removing labels at the onset of the recycling process, it ensures a purer stream of PET flakes, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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