Every day, a significant amount of plastic is produced on Earth, leading to the serious pollution of our environment. However, this issue can be addressed through the use of plastic recycling machines. These machines, including plastic shredders, granulators, and extrusion machines, enable the reuse of waste plastic and give it a new lease on life. As a result, plastic recycling lines are highly valued by both recycling plants and other industries involved in plastics.

Discover the future of recycling with our PP/PE Film Recycling Washing Line. Designed for both efficiency and sustainability, this state-of-the-art machine transforms used PP and PE films into reusable materials, paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

Working Principle

The PP/PE Film Recycling Washing Line operates through a series of stages:

  1. Sorting: The machine sorts the films, distinguishing between PP and PE.
  2. Breaking: Films are then broken down into smaller pieces, making the cleaning process more effective.
  3. Cleaning: The smaller film pieces undergo a thorough cleaning process, ensuring all contaminants are removed.
  4. Drying: Post-cleaning, the films are dried, preparing them for the final stage.
  5. Output: The cleaned and dried films are now ready for reuse or further processing.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: PP/PE Film Recycling Washing Line
  • Materials Processed: PP and PE films
  • Output: Cleaned and dried film pieces
  • Automation Level: High
  • Safety Features: Equipped with emergency stop functions and safety guards
Model RT-300RT-500RT-1000RT-2000
Installed Power(KW)130-160210-260300-350400-460
Water Consumption(T/H)2月3日4月6日7月10日10月15日
Labor Requirements2月3日2月3日3月5日4月6日

We are pleased to offer you a free solution design service. Our team of experts will design the most suitable plastic film cleaning line solution for you based on your needs and requirements. Please contact us for more information and to start discussing your project.


The PP/PE Film Recycling Washing Line is more than just a piece of machinery; it’s a testament to our commitment to the environment. By recycling and reusing PP and PE films, we’re not only reducing waste but also promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to plastic usage. Invest in a solution that’s both efficient and environmentally conscious.


1. Recycling PE and PP bags, including woven bags and jumbo bags.
2. Car covers and PE ground films.
3. Agricultural films.
4. Mulching films made from PE and PP.

The complete LDPE Film washing production line, with a capacity of 2000kg/h, includes the following items:

– Belt Conveyor
– Crusher
– Screw Loader
– Friction Washer
– Floating washer
– 5-1 Bottom Screw
– Friction Washer (second one)
– Floating washer (second one)
– 7-1 Bottom Screw
-Screw Loader (second one)
-Two Way screw loader
-Film squeeizing Machine
-Electric Cabinet

PP/PE Film Recycling Washing LineWarranty

All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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    Rumtoo Plastic Recycling Machinery, we understand the importance of finding the right equipment to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of your plastic recycling operations. As a leader in high-quality PP/PE film recycling solutions, our machines are designed for:- Easy operation and maintenance - Reasonable pricing - Comprehensive documentation and prompt after-sales support from our experienced engineering teamIn addition to our recycling machinery, we offer complimentary product design services to provide customized production solutions that enhance productivity and environmental friendliness. By contributing to energy conservation, emission reduction, and green economic growth, we aim to drive innovation for a better quality of life.Our diverse product range includes: - Plastic recycling line - Pelletizing line - Shredders - Crushers - Baler Machine - Compaction granulation systems - Injection molding machines - Film extruders