this appears to be a plastic recycling line or system used for sorting, processing and recycling various types of plastic waste materials. The main components visible are: 1) A large inclined conveyor belt or ramp, likely for feeding in mixed plastic waste streams. 2) Several sorting stations or units with rotating cylindrical screens or trommels, which can separate materials by size. 3) Additional conveyor belts and chutes to transport and direct different sorted plastic fractions. 4) An enclosed housing or control room section at the head of the system. This type of integrated recycling line allows mixed plastic waste to be efficiently sorted by methods like screening, air separation, and potentially automated optical sorting. Different sorted plastic types like bottles, films, rigid plastics etc. can then be further processed separately through shredding, washing, and pelletizing operations to produce recycled plastic resin/pellets as the final output product. Such industrial-scale sorting and recycling systems are critical for effectively recovering and recycling large volumes of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic scrap/waste in an automated, controlled fashion.

Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line: A Solution for Sustainable Plastic Recycling

Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line is a revolutionary technology that is transforming the way waste plastic is recycled. This technology is designed to help companies reduce their plastic waste footprint and promote environmental sustainability.

What is Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line?

The market for recycling PE PP rigid materials is growing rapidly. These materials are used in a wide variety of plastic products that we use in our daily lives, including milk bottles, food packaging boxes, shampoo bottles, plastic chairs, tables, and pipes. At our recycling facility, we understand the importance of properly recycling these materials, which is why we have designed and customized our recycling machines to meet the unique needs of different types of PE PP rigid materials.

Our complete recycling solution includes a heavy-duty shredder with an overhead magnet, a granulator, a sink-float separation tank, a centrifugal dryer, a thermal dryer, a zigzag separator, and a dual-bag filling station. These machines work together to ensure that the waste materials are properly washed and recycled, resulting in high-quality plastic flakes that can be used in the manufacturing of plastic products once again.

By using our rigid plastic washing Recycling Line, you can contribute to a cleaner environment and promote sustainable manufacturing practices. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient recycling solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our PE PP rigid material recycling services.


Main Technical Parameter

Input Capacity500kg/h1000kg/h1500kg/h2000kg/h
Required Space42m×10m×6m50m×15m×6m55m×16m×6m60m×18m×6m
Operators3-4 people5-6 people5-6 people5-6 people
Installation Power150-200kW250-300kW370kW450-500kW
Water Circulation(T/H)2345

Thanks to our innovative washing technology and high-quality performance, we are able to provide reliable and efficient recycling solutions for our customers. Our commitment to using the latest technology ensures that our recycling processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable, while also delivering high-quality results.

Main system components

Feeding Conveyor BeltPresents an even material feed to the plant.
ShredderShreds the material into smaller pieces for use in granulator.
GranulatorReduces the size further and makes the plastic stream more uniform.
Screw WasherWashes and transfers the material into next step.
Sink-Float Separation TankRemoves contamination and helps wash the material.
Centrifugal DryerDries the product by high speed rotation.
Thermal Dryer SystemDries the material by thermal air.
Zig-Zag ClassifierRemoves labels and fine particles.
Bag StationDelivers the product into storage bags.
Electrical PanelProvides an interface for the operator to control the system.

Benefits of Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line

Using Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line has numerous benefits for both the environment and businesses. Some of the benefits include:

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces plastic waste which helps to reduce pollution in the environment.
  • Reduces the amount of plastic sent to landfills which helps to conserve natural resources.
  • Promotes sustainability by creating a circular economy for plastics.

Business Benefits

  • Lower costs of waste disposal.
  • Provides a new source of raw materials for the production of new plastic products.
  • Enhances the brand reputation of businesses by promoting environmental sustainability.


Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line is an innovative technology that is transforming the plastic waste recycling industry. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective process that provides numerous benefits to both the environment and businesses. By using this technology, companies can reduce their plastic waste footprint and promote environmental sustainability.

Rigid Plastic Washing Recycling Line

PS:Equipment configuration and the process will be optimized accordingl to raw materials.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.



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