Plastic Automatic Glove Machine production line is a fully automatic machine developed by our company over many years. It integrates the advantages of similar products from both domestic and international markets, resulting in a machine with stable product quality, automatic control, and easy operation and maintenance. This makes it an ideal equipment for mass production of PE, EVA, and CPE film gloves.
The entire machine features a microcomputer touch screen control, with the main power sourced from Panasonic inverters, servo motors, and drivers. This results in a low maintenance rate, low noise, long continuous working time, high output, and low labor requirements. The frequency conversion discharge makes it easier to adjust and operate, and the machine can also be equipped with finger sleeves and various special-shaped plastic products according to customer needs.

Main motor Power1.5KW
Hand mold heating3.6KW
Production Speed70-160 pcs/min
Total Power6 KW
Step-servo Motor50NM
Glove length 200-400mm
Glove width270mm~330mm
Total weight800 kg

Reliable, multifunctional extrusion dryer can remove 30% to 3% of moisture from plastic (if it is thin film material from the cleaning line), increase surface density of the material by up to 10 times, and compact the processed material.

Working Principle

Plastic Automatic Glove Machine is an advanced industrial machine designed for the mass production of disposable plastic gloves. These gloves are widely used in various sectors such as medical, food processing, cleaning, and chemical industries, as they offer protection and hygiene to both users and consumers. The machine is engineered to produce gloves made from different types of plastic materials such as polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and nitrile.

Working Principle of Plastic Automatic Glove Machine:

The working principle of a Plastic Automatic Glove Machine involves several steps to ensure efficient and precise glove production. The process can be broadly divided into the following stages:

Material preparation: The raw material, typically in the form of plastic pellets or granules, is fed into the machine’s extruder. The extruder heats the plastic to its melting point, turning it into a viscous liquid state.

Film blowing: The molten plastic is then passed through a circular die, which creates a thin tubular film. This film is inflated by air pressure to achieve the desired thickness and width. The film is then cooled and flattened using rollers, resulting in a continuous sheet of plastic film.

Glove forming: The continuous plastic film is fed into the glove forming section of the machine, where it is cut into the desired glove shape using specialized molds. The molds typically consist of two halves, with a cavity in the shape of a hand. The plastic film is placed between the mold halves, and the mold is then pressed together, sealing the edges of the glove and cutting it from the film.

The entire process is highly automated, allowing for high-speed production and reduced manual labor. The Plastic Automatic Glove Machine can be customized and configured according to the specific requirements of the manufacturer, such as the type of plastic material used, glove size, and desired production capacity.


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