A Trommel

A Trommel


In the world of recycling, speed isn’t always the key to efficiency. Enter the Trommel, a slow-rotating separation machine that has proven its effectiveness in removing smaller-sized contaminants from various recycling streams. Whether it’s plastic recycling plants or larger Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) dealing with municipal waste, the Trommel is a straightforward yet powerful solution.

A trommel is a large cylindrical screen that is typically used in the mining industry and waste management. It’s designed to separate materials by size, allowing smaller materials to fall through its screen while larger materials continue to move through the trommel.

In the context of plastic recycling, a trommel might be used to separate different types and sizes of plastic waste before it’s processed into pellets. The trommel’s rotating action helps to break up clumps of waste and remove any impurities, such as dirt or small bits of metal, that could potentially damage the extrusion or pelletizing machinery.