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Our company offers a wide range of belt conveyor systems tailored to meet your needs. Our selection includes flat belt conveyors, inclined belt conveyors, high-speed belt conveyors, chain conveyors, and more. Our products can be used in various industries, including PET bottle washing systems, and we can also provide customized conveyor solutions to meet specific requirements.

One feature of our belt conveyors is inverter control, which allows for precise speed adjustments. Additionally, our belt conveyors are designed with durability in mind. The edges are sealed with PVC, which provides excellent wear resistance and extends the useful life of the product. We also offer the option of rubber or PVC belts, equipped with barrier strips to prevent product spillage and ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Main Technical Parameter

The demand for belt conveyors in the plastic recycling industry is growing, and belt conveyors play a crucial role in plastic recycling machinery. As a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving conveying equipment, belt conveyors can quickly and accurately classify and transport waste plastics in the recycling process, greatly improving the efficiency of plastic recycling.

In plastic recycling machinery, the role of belt conveyors is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Transportation of waste plastics: Belt conveyors can transport waste plastics from the feed inlet to designated locations, such as crushers and shredders, for subsequent plastic crushing, cleaning, and separation processes.
  2. Classification and transportation: Different types of waste plastics need to be classified during the recycling process. Belt conveyors can be customized with baffles or separators according to customer requirements, enabling effective classification and transportation of different types of plastics.
  3. Cleaning process: Waste plastics need to be cleaned during the recycling process to remove oil, impurities, etc. Belt conveyors can be used in conjunction with water troughs or spray devices to achieve continuous cleaning of waste plastics.
  4. Drying and transportation: Cleaned plastics need to be dried. Belt conveyors can be equipped with vibration devices and air drying devices to dry the cleaned plastics and transport them to the next process.

To meet the needs of the plastic recycling industry, we provide various types of belt conveyors, including flat belt conveyors, inclined belt conveyors, and high-speed belt conveyors. These belt conveyors are made of high-quality rubber or PVC materials, featuring wear resistance, tensile resistance, and corrosion resistance, suitable for various harsh working environments.

In plastic recycling machinery, the application of belt conveyors not only improves production efficiency but also helps save energy, reduce emissions, and lower production costs. We are committed to providing more advanced and efficient conveying solutions for the plastic recycling industry, contributing to the sustainable development of the plastic recycling business.



All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.

All of our products can be customized according to customer requirements.


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