500kg Plastic Chemical Buckets Washing And Recycling Line is a complete system for recycling plastic buckets that have been used to store or transport chemicals. The system consists of several stages, including shredding, washing, rinsing, drying, and granulating. The system can handle buckets of different sizes and shapes, and can remove labels, caps, and residues of chemicals. The system is designed to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and to produce high-quality recycled plastic granules that can be used for making new products.


  • Project Name Plastic Chemical Buckets Washing And Recycling Lin
  • Category Project Case
  • Delivery Mode Stipulated Price
  • Location German
  • Year Built 2021

Project Introduction


Shipping to German

Capacity: 500kg/h

Raw material: HDPE drums 200L

Working Staff: 3-4 person/shift

Total electric power consumption: 107kw, actual consumption is about 70% -80%

Water consumption: 2-3t/h

Due to this line is only one floating washer tank, so we add two high speed friction washer, one low speed friction washer, that will make flakes more clean.

500kg Plastic Chemical Buckets Washing And Recycling Line3